Gold Digger Prospecting Pick (3 sizes)

Gold Digger
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Gold Digger Picks are made in NSW, by prospectors, for prospectors. Build to last, and feature a strong spotted gum handle.

The Standard and X-Large sizes feature two different metal thicknesses, where the point uses a thicker steel for longevity, and the blade is of a slightly reduced thickness to minimise excess weight. The steel is overlapped and welded for superior strength, and a reduction in vibration when hitting hard packed dirt.


Serious prospectors use serious picks. Gold Digger Picks are high quality, and built to withstand the rigours of digging in our tough Aussie soils.

There are three pick sizes available.

Handle – 600mm
Blade end-end – 300mm
Weight – 1.1kg

Handle – 700mm
Blade end-end – 400mm
Weight – 1.6kg

Handle – 850mm
Blade end-end – 450mm
Weight – 2kg