Posted by Nenad Lonic on 7th May 2023

Minelab GPX6000 Gold Detector Q&A with Nenad

The GPX6000 has been out for some time now and has been finding lots of gold out there for many users. I was very privileged to be one of the field testers for Minelab during the development phase, wh …

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Posted by Nenad Lonic on 27th Aug 2021

Gold Detector Coils Explained

 In the ever growing market of accessory items available for your detector, the one product that has experienced somewhat of a revival is the humble search coil. There is a myriad of coils availa …

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Posted by Nenad Lonic on 1st Jun 2020

Getting the best from the SDC2300

 REVISED – June 2020A few notes on the new version!SDC2300 is now shipping as a new version. The main detector unit is still the same, but Minelab have added some cool new additions to the pack, …

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Posted by Nenad Lonic on 31st Jan 2019

In the field with the GPZ19″ coil

I have been swinging the GPZ 7000 19” coil for some time now, so I feel a bit more informed to share some thoughts on the coil, how it compares to the stock 14×13” coil, and what detector settings hav …

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Posted by Nenad Lonic on 20th Oct 2017

GPX5000 – How to deal with EMI

 What is EMI? It is short for Electromagnetic Interference. While a single frequency VLF is hardly affected by EMI if at all, a high powered Multi Period Pulse induction machine like a GPX series …

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Posted by Nenad Lonic on 9th Sep 2015

Detecting Mineralised & Black Sand Beaches

Published in the May 2015 issue of Australian Gold Gem & Treasure magazine by Nenad Lonic.It is no secret that when it comes to detecting wet sand, P.I. or Pulse Induction units are the kings in terms …

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