Nokta Standard Digger / Scoop with Holster

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Nokta Standard Digger with large Holster

This large heavy duty polymer scoop is perfectly suited for recovering small targets, but is also large enough for scooping out loose soil from deep holes when detecting or panning, or even use it down on the dry sand at the beach.

Includes leather belt holster, with clip for simple attachment.

Modern metal detectors such as the GPX6000, GPZ7000 and SDC2300 will detect very small gold, which can be very difficult to recover, unless you have a quality scoop. Also high frequency/high gain VLF gold detectors like the Gold Kruzer, Nokta Gold Finder, Minelab Gold Monster etc. are so sensitive that they can pick up your hand, so a scoop is a necessity.

Save time and frustration, and get on to the next target. This digger also features an open slot on the handle end, for cord mounting onto harnesses and backpacks.

Total length: 35cm
Handle Length: 12cm
Scoop Length: 18cm
Scoop Width: 6.5cm – 9cm