Coiltek 14" Goldstalker DD Coil

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The 14" Double D Goldstalker coil allows for full use of the GP and GPX series Coil Switch, full use of the Soil timings options, and allows use of the Iron Reject function for working high trash sites.  

This coil has great ground coverage at depth, and like all DD coils by swinging slowly will enable the coil to detect deep targets. It also has great sensitivity to small targets as it is capable of seeing the sub-gram nuggets at good depth. An excellent choice in all soil conditions, and great for hunting out better sized gold by using Normal timing, even in more mineralised soils, which just isn't possible with a Mono coil. Also a great all-round coil for the Minelab SD and GP series units that are not equipped with any "smooth" timing options. 

The original 14" DD Pro coil was legendary on the SD2200, then the DD Pro Elite was the next generation. The Goldstalker is now the latest in this line of 14" DD coils from Coiltek.