Coiltek 14x9" Goldhawk Coil for GPX6000

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The Coiltek 14x9" elliptical Goldhawk coil is the biggest in the Goldhawk range. Excellent ground coverage and depth, and still features great sensitivity. An excellent coil for more open ground, but can also be used in scrubby terrain due to having very good edge coil sensitivity. Provides a nice sharp signal response as you'd expect from an elliptical coil. Made strong, it’s suited to finding gold in almost any conditions.

Use the 14x9" to cover ground in more open areas, and when you find a patch, go over it with the 9" Goldhawk to clean it out. 

Coil size

355x228mm / 14x9”

Coil weight

900g / 31.7oz

Mono loop (MONO) coil

Mono loop (MONO) coil

Waterproof icon

To 1m / 3ft

Warranty icon

2 Years

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Skid Plate