Quest XPointer MAX Pin-pointer

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Quest XPointer Max Pin-pointer with Magic Holster

The Quest XPointer MAX is waterproof to 3m, operates on its own built-in Lithium Polymer battery, which charges off USB. The XPointer Max is designed for extra sensitivity towards the tip of the probe and reduced sensitivity towards the base, which allows for greater pin-pointing accuracy. With volume control, iron discrimination, and a lost alarm, the Quest XPointer Max will soon be your favourite pin-pointer.

Max+ Sensitivity

Max+ Volume

Max+ Possibility

With volume control, discrimination, LED indicators, auto ground balance on power-up and a lost alarm, the Quest XPointer Max will soon be your favourite pin-pointer. Gorilla tough coil wiring technology ensures the unit does not false during the process of probing for the target. Additional features include a target intensity meter, with Ferrous Non-Ferrous ID.


Auto Balance

Compact Design

3m / 10 feet Waterproof

Intuitive Menu

Anti-slip pattern surface for maximum grip

Discrimination Function

Loud Speaker

LED Indicator

OLED Display


Protection: 10 FT / 3 M under fresh or saltwater

Dimensions: 3.8×14 CM

Weight: Approx. 400 grams

Technology: 9.5kHz VLF

Battery: Built in 1000mAh Li-Po Rechargeable Battery

Battery Life: 14 hours with full charge

Ground Balancing: Automatic or Manually (retune)

Alarms: RAIT Audio | Vibration | LED Beam Lights

Indicators: Battery Status, Lost Alarm

Controls: Power switch (On / Off) Alarm Mode Control, Sensitivity (4 Levels), LED Flashlight, Re-tune

Warranty: 2 years


– XPointer Max pin-pointer

– Magic holster

– 2 x Probe tip protectors

– USB Charging Cable

– Lanyard