Onyx Waterproof Headphones for Nokta Detectors

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The ONYX waterproof headphones utilise the best speakers in combination with SeaGhost's specialised waterproof housing to ensure loud and clear tones for land and underwater detecting.

The ONYX waterproof headphones are hand made using a quality curly cable, right angle connector and sturdy headset for serious long term use in demanding conditions. Detect-Ed has collaborated with SeaGhost Engineering to create the clearest, most reliable waterproof headphones on the market.

Key Features:

  • Fully Waterproof to 50m
  • Comfortable headband
  • SeaGhost waterproof speaker housing for increased volume (in and out of the water)
  • Long and durable curly cable
  • Right angle connection point to minimise stress on cable
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Compatible Models:

  • Nokta Legend
  • Nokta Anfibio 
  • Nokta Kruzer
  • Nokta Score
  • Nokta Simplex


Utilising SeaGhost’s specialised speaker housing, these headphones provide exceptional volume and clarity in and out of the water. The speaker housing prevents he speaker from being squashed


The Onyx headphones take advantage of a custom made Nokta style waterproof connector. Unlike many similar headphone connectors, these mate properly with O-ring inside the detector to ensure a waterproof connection.

The right angle connector hugely reduces stress on the cable and your metal detectors outlet, this serves to dramatically increase reliability and minimise failures.

Note: These headphones are quite intensive to assemble by hand therefore some blemishes/mild scuff marks may be present on the ear cups, however we can ensure this will not affect the quality or experience. As a tool, to enable underwater detecting, we’re confident these are the best option currently available.