Nugget Finder Evolution 25″ Mono Coil

Nugget Finder
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Nugget Finder 25" Round Evolution Coil

The Nugget Finder Evolution 25″ Mono coil offers fantastic depth on large gold, combined with huge ground coverage per sweep. Quiet operation in mineralised soils, with the ability to run Normal soil timings in milder ground conditions.

The latest version has had a makover:

- New Color & Sticker Design

- New Shaft Wing Design for Improved Fit

- Slightly Thicker Plastic

A Serious Coil for the Serious Gold Prospector

  • Only 1280 grams 
  • Fantastic Depth 
  • Stable Operation 
  • Huge Coverage

Quality Nugget Finder construction featuring a pressure regulated ABS shell, super strong Polycarbonate shaft mount, Litz wire, O-Ring sealed cable, combination Spiral & Bundle windings, High Density Divinycell foam core for maximum rigidity, and 3yr warranty.