Minelab Manticore M9 9" Search Coil

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Minelab M9 9" Coil for the Minelab Manticore

The MANTICORE M9 coil has a new special lightweight design and is the lightest coil in the MANTICORE range at just 362g. This coil has very good target separation in trashy environments and maintains great depth for its size. The low-profile and simplified design will cut through water with ease, making it great to use at the beach or in the water.

Aquatic Adaptability: Engineered with a simplified lightweight design, the Minelab M9 Coil is your ideal partner for underwater or gold detecting. Explore aquatic environments with confidence, unveiling artifacts beneath the waves.

Balanced Performance: The Minelab M9 Coil offers slightly improved target separation, stable operation, and will achieve comparable depth on most common target sizes, making a perfect all-rounder. 

Elevate your Manticore detecting experience even further with the Minelab M9 Coil.