KR24 9.5″x5″ DD Coil for Kruzer & Anfibio

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This is the 9.5″x5″ Double-D coil for the Makro Kruzer & Multi Kruzer*. Will also work on all models of Anfibio. This coil is the perfect choice for searching shallow water, as it has a smooth design which has less drag underwater. It provides slightly better target separation compared to the stock coil, and improved sensitivity on small targets.

*NOTE: Will not fit the Gold Kruzer. The Gold Kruzer version is white, and code is GK24.

Size – 9.5″ x 5″
Compatibility – Makro KRUZER, Multi KRUZER & Anfibio series
Configuration – DD Search Coil
Design – Open Web, Non-Buoyant, excellent for use underwater
Weight – 420g (approximate)

Supplied with coil bolt and skid plate.