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Welcome to Phase Technical!

Greetings, and welcome to the Phase Technical website!
My name is Nenad Lonic and I am the founder of Phase Technical. I wanted to say a few words coinciding with the launch of the official website. It has been a long time coming, (11 months in fact) when I first decided to take on the challenge of working for myself. It’s been a difficult road but we’re getting there and it’s true what they say “there’s no substitute for hard work”. I truly believe this, in whatever your goals are in life.
In addition to the products and services offered, the website will feature regular articles about all things metal detecting, which leaves me with a wide scope of topics to discuss. I’ll share ideas on how to get the most from your detectors, how to fine-tune your settings, and spill the dirt on some of my research and testing knowledge. I’ll also invite guest bloggers to share their expertise from time to time.
Ever since I was young I was always interested in metal detectors, but I began actually using them around 1993. Back then, I would take what little pocket money I had and hire a lower end gold detector from the local shop and get my Mum to drive me to the goldfields. I found my first ever nugget when I went all out and hired a Minelab SD2100, and true to what they say, I had “the fever”. I then purchased a Sovereign detector, and became as keen about beach detecting as gold prospecting – living 5 mins from the beach had its advantages.
Some years later, I was fortunate enough to land a position with Minelab, where I was able to use my knowledge to assist others looking to buy their first detector. Over time, my role expanded to assisting in the development of new detectors, technical articles and product training whilst still being available to discuss all things detecting with end users. Fast forward to today, I have many more detectors (a bit like fishing lures, you can never have enough), I’m enjoying my detecting more than ever, and so it was only natural that I started up a business that allowed me to share my passion, knowledge and expertise. And hence, Phase Technical was born.
With the first blog post complete, it’s time to write the next one! Drop me an email, and let me know what kind of topics you would like to see posted on the Phase Technical website.
Cheers and keep that coil swinging :)

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  • paul kirkeminde

    Hi Nenad,
    Glad to see the page up and running…..

    We talked earlu in the year about KLEER tech and you suggested i look into that.

    Well I did and i found that KLEER units were kind of hard to find, but then I found a couple of sets on Amazon so I decided (based on youe advice ) to grab a set of TDK’s with a small transmitter. The kit even came with adapters so it fir right in your 2300 adapter I bought from Rob.

    Now i just tuck it into the camo cover I got from Black AL’s and go for it….one thing i will mention that i like about the headphones is that i can slide them down around my neck when i am digging and that keeps them from falling off my head like my Black Widow’s did constantly.

    So to sum it up, The KLEER tech seems to be working great!!—40 hrs on 4 AAA’s– a friend of mine also bought a pair after seeing mine work.

    I will use them some more just to make sure I dont find any pitfalls with them, but so far so good….I sometimes cock the left headphone cover off my ear a tad so i can hear ambient noise around me…. other than that A-OK.

    So thank you for the tip mate!

    paul kirkeminde
    Reno NV
    vanursepaul—- detector/prospector user name

  • Peter Strijk

    Hi Nenad,
    Good to see you have started your own website!
    I’m sure we will get an unbiased view from you regarding detecting and look forward to it
    Regards Goldstrijk

    1. Nenad

      Thanks mate, been a long project!

  • Iman ali

    I went to do training with you on saturday19/9 had a great day with you and learn lots more about SDC2300 thanks again

  • Scott

    Hi..first i have heard of u was the other day..i was told that u make coils..can i ask why i should i buy yours..i have used ML an nugget finder for years….what sort size shape du havw regards Scott

    1. Nenad

      Hey Scott,

      No I don’t make coils. I use and sell Minelab, Nugget Finder and Detech coils. If you are referring to Detech coils, these are an excellent alternative to the main brand names, and are quickly building a name for themselves, as they are excellent performers at a very good price. Detech make a huge selection of coil sizes, but I have hand picked the best performing sizes based on feedback and personal tests over a period of time. Traditional litz wound mono’s are available in 8″, 15×10″, and 18×12″. The new spiral/flat wound coils are available in 11″ and 14″ round monos, and a 15″ DD. You can check my coils page for images and more details. Cheers, Nenad

  • J Reynolds

    I have followed you since Minelab days – always good advice

    many thanks

  • Len Kiely

    I spoke to you a few days ago Nenad about my tdi sl and the detech 8″ mono coil combo, you gave me plenty of useful information, i then went to Bendigo and put all that into practice, yep,,,first day out with my new coil and tdi, i pinged two nuggets. Very helpful service, i will be recommending you to everybody i speak to.
    Cheers Nenad.

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