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4.00 out of 5
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Nugget Finder 19″ Round Evolution Coil


Here is the largest coil in the already legendary Nugget Finder Evolution coil family, the new 19” round. Early field testing in the Victorian and SA goldfields has proven this coil to have exceptional depth and stability, and a high level of sensitivity to smaller nuggets has been retained. The Nugget Finder Evolution search coils provide a sharper target response on both smaller and larger targets, for maximum performance. The 19″ Evo will be sure to impress with its light weight and stable performance on a range of gold sizes. Weight approx. 1100g.

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Due to the smooth running of this coil, and sharp target response, the signal from borderline deep targets is clear and pronounced. The 19″ Evo is the perfect choice for open ground patch hunting, or for reworking previously profitable spots. While not quite as sensitive as the smaller Evolution coils, you can still expect sub gram gold. Compared to traditionally wound monoloop coils, the Nugget Finder Evolution search coils provide a sharper target response on both smaller and large targets, for maximum performance.

All Evolution coils feature an Auto Pressure Value, which comes into play in humid to hot weather conditions, as it allows for air build up inside the coil to be released through the pressure valve automatically. Quality Nugget Finder construction featuring: Litz wire, O-Ring sealed cable, Foam infused spiral winding, High Density foam core for maximum rigidity, fully bonded and tapered ABS housing, strong Polycarbonate shaft mount, waterproof to 1m, and 3yr warranty. Breathe new life into your GPX detector, and will also suit GP and SD series where ground conditions permit, as with all mono coils.

1 review for Nugget Finder 19″ Round Evolution Coil

  1. Goldslave
    4 out of 5

    Hi Everyone,
    After debating with my accounts manager (partner) for some time concerning the purchase of “another” new coil, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the latest Nugget Finder 19″ coil to add to my many and varied collection of junk magnets, as I refer to them, not real complimentary I know but that’s what I tell all the nosy parkers who want to know where, why, what, how much.
    I was lucky enough to have one of the first available in my area and I can tell you with out a doubt it is the best thing I have bought since the last coil from Nugget Finder which was a 17×13.
    After a call from my local bloke telling me they had arrived and would I like to pick it up that Friday when I’m in town?
    After taking it home and attaching it to my 5K it seemed like an eternity to when the alarm went off for four thirty next morning, with all my gear in my car I headed off for the drive to where I had gotten some bits before just to test this coil out.
    The 19″ is quiet and to say it’s sensitive is an under statement, it’s deadly on anything it passes over, within the first hour I had a beautiful 13g specimen and a 5.5g solid piece, now I’m not quite sure how I missed these two before but they were both down a good 400mm. The biggest so far is the 13g specimen at 400mm and the smallest is 0.011g at approximately 150mm, not bad.
    I was stoked to the max as I thought I’d cleaned out this area long ago, I went back on Sunday and got another 6grams in tiny pieces and thought to myself that’s not bad because this coil is big but not cumbersome, it can be balanced out so as not to be burdensome also. It’s not too flash around tight bushes or branches but I have learned to move a bit more of these out of the way and I am quite happy with the results, the coils aren’t cheap but in three days I paid for it twice over relieving my partners concerns.
    What setting do I run? nothing out of the ordinary, but I experiment from day to day, what works for me today may not tomorrow due to conditions. Next time out I am going to experiment with “normal” as I feel this coil and detector has more to offer and possibly better than my ability.
    GB General
    Special fine
    Man tune between 94 and 105 works for me and my area.
    Motion Slow.
    Gain between 10 and 15, I have quiet ground.
    Audio Quiet/nrm.
    Audio tone 63.
    Stabilizer 9.
    Signal 19.
    Target Vol 18, I’m deaf.
    Response nrm.
    Tracking slow
    Iron reject off
    On the front

    Would I recommend this coil if anyone asked, bloody oath, I now have the same area to go over and am very excited to see what treasures I have missed with the other coils. Cheers Everyone


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