• 17x13 spoke 2
  • nf17e-sp_1
  • 17x13 spoke 1
  • 0.51g gold bit
  • 17x13 spoke 2
  • nf17e-sp_1
  • 17x13 spoke 1
  • 0.51g gold bit

5.00 out of 5
2 customer reviews

Nugget Finder 17×13″ Spoked Evolution Coil


Phase Technical is pleased to present the latest addition to the Nugget Finder family – the fantastic new 17×13” Spoke Evolution coil. Field testing from WA to Victoria has proven this coil to have exceptional depth, sensitivity and stability, yet at only 950 grams (approx) it is significantly lighter than similar sized coils. The Nugget Finder Evolution search coils provide a sharper target response on both smaller and larger targets, for maximum performance. A fantastic lightweight mid-sized semi-elliptical coil with excellent depth and sensitivity. One of Nenad's personal favourites for the GPX 5000.

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The Nugget Finder Evolution search coils provide a sharper target response on both smaller and large targets, for maximum performance.

One of Nenad’s personal favourites for the GPX series, the 17×13” Spoked Evolution coil is an excellent all-rounder, particularly for more open ground. Lots of ground coverage per sweep, the 17×13″ is very sensitive and will still punch down on larger targets. Field testing from WA to Victoria has proven this coil to have exceptional depth, sensitivity and stability, yet it is significantly lighter than similar sized coils. Compared to the 15″ round, the 17×13″ has a slightly sharper response, particularly on deeper targets, and increased ground coverage – which makes it a perfect general purpose or patch hunting coil.

All “Evolution” coils feature an Auto Pressure Value, which comes into play in humid to hot weather conditions, as it allows for air build up inside the coil to be released through the pressure valve automatically. Quality Nugget Finder construction featuring: Litz wire, O-Ring sealed cable, Foam infused spiral winding, High Density foam core for maximum rigidity, fully bonded and tapered ABS housing, strong Polycarbonate shaft mount, waterproof to 1m, and 3yr warranty. Breathe new life into your GPX detector, and will also suit GP and SD series where ground conditions permit, as with all mono coils. Weight – 950g (Approx)

2 reviews for Nugget Finder 17×13″ Spoked Evolution Coil

  1. Nenad
    5 out of 5

    I personally love this coil. It is so light, it balances perfectly on my GPX5000, and runs very stable. I used to not be a fan of open web coils, but with this one, the wider web of the coil (to accommodate the flat windings) and with the curved edges of the coil it just glides along.
    In the field this coil has impressed. I pinged a small 0.1g nugget with it in hot ground among other detector holes in Talbot, Victoria. The other find that surprised me was in a spot in the local goldfields here in SA, which has been flogged beyond belief. I took the 17×13 here and as the ground is fairly mild I ran the 5000 in Sens Extra. I got the faintest of breaks in the threshold – not a target signal, more like the threshold just smoothed out for a second. After digging off the surface grass and pine needles I heard a faint signal, and I dug out a half grammer. This patch was worked, gridded and massaged with a number of detectors and coils for a good year and a half so the 17×13 Evolution did well. I also used it in Wedderburn and dug a fair share of deep targets, but wasn’t lucky enough to get it over any decent sized nuggets.

    I love the performance of the GPZ7000, but the GPX5000 and 17×13 Evo combo is also excellent, and a perfect patch hunting combo – roaming the hills looking for that first piece that may indicate a gold shed.

  2. Goldslave
    5 out of 5

    Hi everyone,

    Just to add some more fuel to how good these Nugget Finder coils really are, I mentioned above that I’d purchased a 17×13 Nugget Finder.
    I had another coil which was the latest and greatest coil on the market i.e. litz flat wound etc. etc., I found it was a little heavy and a bit cumbersome, but mind you it certainly found gold but I just wasn’t happy with it at all. 
    Then one day I watched a video on YouTube and a certain prospector and his wife were giving the big spiel about the 17×13 Nugget Finder Evolution flat wound coil and saying how good they were.
    “Ho hum” here we go again,  if it had been just anybody I would have looked at the video and moved on but because it was a certain couple who everyone is very familiar with, I said to myself maybe they are talking some sense and not just hyping up this coil for marketing purposes alone.
    I am not made of money so these decisions don’t come lightly, unless I’m certain I can pay for my outlay I will not purchase anything with regards to coils or metal detectors.
    To cut a long story short I purchased the 17×13 NF Evo, believe me I wasn’t disappointed, within the first four days I found six and a half ounces, yes six and a half ounces in ground that has previously been detected.

    Why?? is a mystery to me because I had already been on this site before with a varied array of coils and two of my mates had also and they concluded that the area in particular was flogged out.
    I have a theory that as you become more experienced you become more attuned to the different noises your detector makes and the more gold you find the better your ears become accustomed to the differing sounds each piece put off.

    Along with that I have learnt to heed what all the better operators have been saying for years and that is to swing very slow when you are in a known area that has produced gold before, (rule of thumb “always swing low and slow”).

    I am also indebted to the wonderful pieces of information I have picked up off Nenad Lonic, Jonathan Porter and the majority of experts on the many Gold detecting sites available on the internet, along with the wonderful course I attended last year in Western Australia with GoldTalk Leonora when I was over there, Tony and Lisa are the nicest and the most knowledgeable couple I have ever met when it comes to course presentation and their knowledge of detectors and gold in particular. 
    Getting back to the 17×13, if you want to swing a coil that is very friendly to your psychical condition, very quiet, extremely sensitive to smaller gold, has great depth capabilities and very manoeuvrable around objects then you can’t go past this coil.  

    A not so down side is the tape around the skid plate is quite susceptible to becoming unattached in certain areas if striking rocks or branches or heavy grass which will allow the dust to enter between the skid plate and the coil, This has happened to me since new but just a minor problem which with a little daily maintenance is taken care of. 

    I won’t go into settings as there are people on here with far more knowledge than I will ever have, all I can say is what works for you continue to use them. I have never had a lesson with my 5K but I have copied all of my settings from others and used these as a starting point and experimented from there, cheers everyone, happy hunting and a Happy New Year for 2017.

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