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Nokta IMPACT Detector PRO PACK


Uncover deep hidden treasures with the new IMPACT Multi Frequency Metal Detector by Nokta!
The Impact PRO Pack is a full featured detector bundle, with three optional operating frequencies, 2 search coils, 12 x search modes, rechargeable batteries, control box covers, detector bag and more!

NOTE: Other custom Impact bundles available on request. Pick the accessories and coils you want and we’ll work out a price for you.

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The Nokta IMPACT is a 3-frequency device (5kHz/14kHz/20kHz) combining multiple detectors and enabling a unique yet easy-to-use detector experience for new to seasoned detector operators. The IMPACT has been tested in 5 continents by more than 30 engineers, experts and users!

The IMPACT boasts (12) search modes designed to hunt out different targets such as coins, relics and deep treasure caches. It also operates extremely well in different terrains including (but not limited to) wet beach sand and goldfields.

Featuring (3) powerful operating frequencies, online firmware update (via PC USB) capability and robust design. If you are looking for depth and advanced discrimination ability, the IMPACT – just like its name – will make a great impact on your future detecting finds.

Impact Features:
– 12 Search Modes (2 non-motion, 2 all metal, 8 discrimination modes)
– Search Frequencies – 5kHz, 14kHz & 20kHz
– Advanced Discrimination & Unmasking Ability
– Online Firmware Updates
– Optional 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones (using built in transmitter).
– Vibration Mode
– LED Flashlight
– Ground Balance with 3 Options (Automatic/Manual/Tracking)
– Advanced Discrimination with Notch Filter, Tone Break, Iron Audio (Fe Volume)
– Variable Audio Tone (150Hz-700Hz) & Audio Boost
– iSAT gives you control over the stability of the detectors threshold
– Magnetic Mineralization Indicator
– ID Normalization
– Target ID Depth Level
– Back-lit display
– Factory Defaults User Mode Saving

11000702 IMPACT PRO PACKAGE – RRP $1490 (incl. GST)
Waterproof IM28 – DD Search Coil 28cm x 18cm (11″x7″)
Waterproof IM19 – DD Search Coil 19cm x 10cm (7.5″x4″)
Headphones, Carrying Bag, Protective Covers, Stand, Extra Lower Shaft, AC and Car Chargers, 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries, USB Cable

Optional Accessories:
– Waterproof IM40 – DD Search Coil 40cm x 35cm (15.5″ x 14″)
– Waterproof IM24 – DD Search Coil 24cm x 13cm (9.5″ x 5″)
– Wireless Headphones


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