• 8" DD Closed Design Coil
  • 8 dd image 2
  • 8" DD Closed Design Coil
  • 8" DD Closed Design Coil
  • 8 dd image 2
  • 8" DD Closed Design Coil

5.00 out of 5
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Detech 8” Double D Coil


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Weight 690g​ 

Suitability:  Minelab GPX, GP and SD Series; Whites TDI Series


The 8” DD provides a small footprint of detection so is a perfect match for scenarios where Iron Reject is a desired option.

For those with older machines, such as Minelab’s SD and GP series units, in hot ground the use of a monoloop coil may not be possible – this coil is your answer for stability of the DD and high sensitivity to small gold.  This coil will turn older machines into a small gold weapon!

This closed style 8″ DD is robust in construction, featuring a close fitting skid plate and strengthened shaft mount.  Smooth running coil, wound with Litz wire.

1 review for Detech 8” Double D Coil

  1. Gerard Ange'
    5 out of 5

    I love this coil !!!!

    ” Great Coil for Very Trashy Areas where you really need discrimination ! ”

    I was out all day with the Detech 8″ DD yesterday 01/14/17 it had rained 12 inches of rain in the last week and this was the first “dry day”… So, it was a bit wet & muddy in some areas..in this very Trashy 1850s Mining area. The 8” DD Detech was mounted on to my GPX-4500 and this first run with the DD it proved to be “very stable in this challenging area. It showed excellent sensitivity and amazing depth for an 8″ DD coil and great target separation of Non-Ferrous targets next to Ferrous targets without over whelming the Detector. Its blanking worked perfectly! and that allowed my to move on to the next target… > The 8″ DD Ground Balanced very quickly in the wide range of extreme soil types in this area ~ From extremely Hot dark red Iron … to Magnetite to white clays & bright orange gravels. Adding to that: Power lines and and an electric fence that my Mono coils couldn’t get anywhere near..The Detech 8” DD ran smooth and very stable in !

    The second part of this video: https://vimeo.com/198921874 Shows… the first run with the Detech on my GPX-4500 in an area that I have been to many time before. The Detech 8″ DD quickly picked up and recovered two Non-Ferrous target that were quickly hit and rejected by my CTX-3030 ~ in the first part of the video a few months before….

    In the weeks before… I was back in that same area with My GPX-4500 with the Coiltech 14″ Elite…. (another great coil! ~ But…not so great in a trashy area like this one !) There were areas that in that location that were un-detectable with a Mono Coil. Areas where I spent most of the day just trying to ground balance the Mono coil to get it quiet enough to be usable…. But Yesterday…. 01/14/17 with the Mighty Detech 8 DD it went through all of that Ferrous junk, High Mineral soils and EMF with no difficulty at all! It was perfectly ground balanced and stable and was a real pleasure to use! = A Great Coil !!!

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