• 15 Super Deep Mono
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  • 15 super deep mono
  • 15 Super Deep Mono
  • Super Deep Gold
  • 15 super deep mono

Detech 15” Super Deep Mono Coil


This 100% Waterproof, latest technology, “Spiral Plus” wound mono will achieve improved depth on larger targets over the 14″ Ultra, very stable operation with no loss of sensitivity. Also provides a very clear and crisp target signal response.

A fantastic all-round coil that isn’t going to leave much behind! Best suited to the Minelab GPX Series, but will also work great on the SD and GP series in suitable mineralisation.

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Closed design, Spiral Plus Winding   

Suitability:  Minelab GPX, GP and SD Series; Whites TDI Series

The Detech 15″ Super Deep mono comes with its quality designed, close fitting skid plate that needs no coil tape. Take pleasure in revisiting your profitable, previously detected areas and reap the rewards again! An excellent all-round coil, that won’t leave much behind.

All Detech coils are made using the highest quality materials. The housings are made of UV protected material, and the internals are supported with chopped-strand material for excellent shock resistance. Resins are used which are “transparent” to the electromagnetic waves, and offer perfect shielding. The coils are water proof and operate in a wide temperature range. The search coils are all equipped with an excellent fitting cover, (skid plate) and have a two year full warranty. Excellent coils suited to Australian prospecting conditions.​


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