Minelab GPZ 7000 part 3


Using the GPZ 7000 part 3

Well the GPZ 7000 continues to impress. In part 3 of this video blog series, I put the GPZ through its paces in some mineralised ground at Jupiter Creek diggings in the Adelaide Hills. See what a deep target sounds like, a few settings tips along the way, and a late nugget saves the day.

What I’m learning with the GPZ 7000 is to experiment with different setting combinations, and see what works on the day. Different combinations of Audio Smoothing, Threshold, Sensitivity and Target Volume will work in different conditions, and these will change from spot to spot, and also during different times of the day. Here are a couple examples:

Example 1:

If the ground is medium mineralised, but has pesky hot rocks, and you are getting a lot of atmospheric interference, the following settings have been doing the job:


Audio Smoothing – Low

Target Volume – 10

Threshold – 27

Gold Mode – General

Ground Type – Difficult

Sensitivity – 6 to 12


Example 2:

Medium to highly mineralised ground, slopes or diggings, with normal to low levels of EMI:


Audio Smoothing – Off

Target Volume – 9

Threshold – 24

Gold Mode – High Yield

Ground Type – Difficult

Sensitivity – 8 to 14


Regardless of what settings you are using, keep an ear out for the slightest tone change in the audio, or any repeatable consistent signal, scrape the surface clutter off the suspected target area, and recheck. This is the same with pretty much any gold detector, but even more critical with the GPZ 7000 to get the maximum depth out of it.


Best of luck out there!

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  • WalnLiz

    Great to see some positive testing Nenad and good back up information re the new machine. Look forward to following with interest and keep up the good work. Take care out there…Wal.

    1. Nenad

      Thanks Wal. Few more videos to come.

  • Roy Turner

    Thanks Nenad again for a great,informative video. Must be frustrating at times to only have one hand free. Will be trying one of your settings next outing.
    Happy hunting,

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