Minelab GPZ 7000 part 2

Hi all,
Just a quick update on the GPZ7000.
In part 2 of this video series, I put it to work with some friends digging up some gold at Mt. Crawford. Minelab’s GPZ7000 is getting the job done just nicely. I’m slowly retraining my technique and ears, and getting the benefit of Audio Smoothing Off whenever possible.
Summer is over, so time to go and dig some more holes.
Stay tuned for more videos!

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  • Greg

    How you going . was wondering if you have any more updates on settings for the GPZ 7000

    1. Nenad

      Hi Greg, settings change all the time depending on ground mineralisation and moisture, EMI levels, and if I get fed up with lead shot I may go into Extra Deep etc etc.

      One thing that I’ve changed up a bit is that I’m less scared of going into High Smoothing, especially if it means I can push the Sensitivity. You see, a lot of the ground in my areas is sort of too mineralised for Normal ground type, but when you go into Difficult then it handles it very well. So I’m often switching between say High Yield, Normal, Sens 4-7, and General, Difficult, Sens 8-14. The thing that varies a lot here is how much EMI you pick up with each combo. When running Sensitivity settings lower than 6 the detector is very stable, and I can often use Smoothing Off. However, when the ground allows the Sensitivity to be pushed beyond 14, then I’ll often need Smoothing High.

      So basically I start on Smoothing Low, then work out whether the detector can handle the ground in the Normal ground type. If the unit is still struggling with a low Sensitivity, I’ll go to Difficult and readjust the Sensitivity setting to 1 or 2 numbers below where the GPZ starts to make excessive ground noises. Then, the end result will determine where my Smoothing needs to be.

      The other thing that can vary is my mood. Some days when I’m in the “zone” I’ll be in Smoothing Off and scratching on every murmur in the threshold. Other days, I find the chatter quite distracting so will switch up to Low or High Smoothing until I’m happy with what I’m listening to. Just one thing to note about High Smoothing, is that it is basically a filter (similar to dropping your threshold to low levels) and you are essentially making it harder for low level signals to be heard.

      In order to not miss targets in High Smoothing, I will always do the following:
      1. Wear Headphones (never use external speakers in High Smoothing)
      2. Use a higher than normal Volume setting
      3. Sweep very slow and methodical – getting over the sweep spot of a target will make all the difference

      If you follow the three rules above, High Smoothing can be very effective.

      Hope that helps,


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